The most wonderful podcasting time of year.


Every fall I search for and hoard the newest spooky, creepy podcasts being made in anticipation of Halloween. And then I try to ration them until the following year. The requirements: they be spooky and true but not gory or gross. One of the scariest podcasts I’ve heard yet is Hot Water, which was first featured on Snap Judgement and then on the show’s Halloween season counterpart, Spooked, which is one of the very best in fulfilling my desire to be consistently spooked.

Oscar Mendoza - These stories break my “no gory and gross” rule at times, but listening to what Mendoza has to say, especially his stories of Mexico, just blow my mind.

And we thought last year was bad! Podcasts to keep you afloat.


For the past few days I’d been desperately filling every moment of silence with news podcasts on the Kavanaugh hearings. I don’t know why, but keeping the flow of information going felt like a life raft. But truly, I needed a break. And maybe you do, too.

I found both of these utterly engrossing, and so closely related that I need to send them as a set. Use them to stay afloat when the whirlpool of the past few weeks threatens to drag you down. They’re funny, touching, and sad. They made me love people, despite it all – and that’s important.

The Mayor of Mitchell Gardens
Danny Lobell finds laughter and heartbreak on the job in a Long Island nursing home.

Shabbat Dinner at Wendy’s
This week on the show, Dan travels to Palm Desert, California, to join these seniors for Shabbat dinner at Wendy’s. The group tells Dan why this ritual is so important to them, how they’re evolving it, and how they like their fries.