Windows 8 Cache Corruption Issue – Samsung Support Center

From the numerous requests for support, cache corruption seems to be a pretty common issue. Only after searching for the problem and doing testing did I realize this was the issue I was having with my new computer. It’s somewhat of a relief, as it can be fixed easily, but at the same time if it keeps occurring again and again it can also be pretty hair pulling.

So, what’s cache corruption? If you go to a web site once, everything loads just fine. Go to it the second or third time and all of a sudden everything is broken – links are plain blue, everything loads straight down the page rather than in typical positions and images either fail to load or copy themselves endlessly. Cache corruption is when the files your computer saves for faster loading times become corrupted, and upon re-accessing them everything goes haywire. If you clear your cache, everything goes back to normal but at its worst I was having to clear my cache at minimum ten times a day (there is also ctrl-F5, reloading and bypassing the cache, but it still wasn’t a fix). At first it was happening with just Steam and Facebook. Then it began happening with Amazon, Paperbackswap, the Daily Beast. Sometimes gmail would hang at loading. Basically, any site you visit regularly and heavy on the CSS (i.e. super fancy and complex).

At first I thought it was a Chrome issue. Well, all right – I’ll switch to Firefox. Then the problem began on Firefox. Forgetting why I had switched to Firefox, I went back to Chrome. Realizing both browsers were having the issue I began to look past the browsers and experimented with all types of anti-virus configurations – uninstalling and reinstalling the programs I was thinking of using, turning the web shields off thinking they were flagging the CSS as a problem, going without virus protection for short periods of time to see if that helped. Scanned for malware. Made a new profile in Firefox. Considered downgrading Firefox. Reinstalled Chrome. Set cache limit to 50 mb. Set cache limit to 0 mb.

The frustrating thing is that the only solution browsers offer is to clear one’s cache and cookies. Yes, it works, if you want to do it over… and over… and over. Depending on your problem, a new profile may help for the long term. But then I found a forum thread dedicated to Samsung users during my search and wondered if my issue could be system related. Searching brought up one thread in which someone says to uninstall Samsung Support Center.

I tried it a week ago. My cache corruption problems, as well as intermittent issues such as no videos loading anywhere on the internet and Readability refusing to register changes are gone. I was lucky that I came across the information because it’s scarce and I suspect most people are not aware that it’s an issue specific to a program that comes with their system. I’m ridiculously relieved it’s been solved – I was about to bring the computer to the Geek Squad and beg for some Valium.

So, TL;DR version: If you can’t load a number of websites properly on a Samsung computer running Windows 8, try uninstalling Samsung Support Center.

  • Guest

    Thank you for this! I was getting blue screen notifications all the time but nothing appeared wrong with the PC and nothing was in the event viewer logs to correspond. After uninstalling Samsung Support Center the issue is gone.

    • Erin O’Rourke

      Great!! So glad this helped. Was hoping my post would allow for the information to be more available to people, I’ve only seen it in a few places.

  • Juan Martínez

    I found your page (almost by mistake) looking for answers for this Samsung cache problem (I own a Series 5 with W8) and, besides fixing the problem, discovered your awesome photographs and interest in books! I declare myself a fan from this moment! Thanks for keeping such a beautiful blog!

    • Erin O’Rourke

      Aww, thanks so much, I appreciate it!! Glad my post helped.

  • Elle

    OMG, thank you so much for posting this up. I have been having the same problem for over a month now and it drives me up the wall. Now it’s smoother after I uninstalled the Support Center and cleared my cache. Thank you!

    • Erin O’Rourke

      Wonderful!!! So happy it helped you – it took me about a month to find a solution, was driving me nuts too!!

  • Bertrand

    Than you so MUCH!!!

  • Paul

    Thank you for this, I was looking for this issue since I got my new Samsung Laptop last week. The support centre is now history and hopefully the problem is to.

    • Erin O’Rourke

      Great to hear – I haven’t had a problem since!!

  • SeanPaul

    Ahhh… So how does one actually disable Samsung Support Centre? Every webpage says that this is the problem, but no webpage or forum shows how to disable Samsung Support Centre. Can someone please help?

    • Mohamed Mansour

      Go to the start menu and type “control panel.” In the first column, last option, you should see “uninstall a program.” Click it, scroll down to Support Center, and then hit uninstall.

    • Erin O’Rourke

      What Mohamed said. I don’t think there’s any way to disable it without uninstalling.

  • Agnes

    I had the same problem with my Samsung laptop running windows 8. I uninstalled the Support Center and the problem has disappeared. Thank you so much !!

  • Dale H

    Ditto for me. I have been looking for months for a solution. Thanks to whomever figured this out and posted it.

  • Tom

    Wow. I was pulling my hair out. Talked to Samsung and they could only state that they did not support Firefox or Chrome issues, only Explorer. I was about to give up and return the PC until I stumbled upon this solution. Wish Samsung would read this.

  • raphael

    LOL HOLY CRAP… almost down graded to windows 7 just to fix this… thanks for this article!!!!!!!! I even tried loading windows 8.1(joke) with all the windows updates.

    Samsung Series 9 ultrabook.

    Seriously. thanks.

  • Dryke Sulliver


    This is my parents samsung laptop, model np370r5e.

    They bought this laptop some 6 weeks ago because they were going to Spain for a month (planning on living there in 5-6 years). They’ve called me constantly over Skype to get a solution for the exact problem described in the article above.

    I did find several sites implying this was not a Chrome issue nor a Windows 8 issue, but a Samsung Support Center issue. Browsing the net looking for other people in the Netherlands with the exact same issue, learned that this in fact only seemed to occur on Samsung laptops. Sure, if this is an issue in SSC, then I’m sure there’s other software out there used by other companies on their laptops resulting in the same effect, but still, over 90% of the issues are related to Samsung laptops.

    I did uninstall this SSC and yes, it fixed the issues completely.
    As a computer techie as well as a former large company owner, I’m always curious in a companies excuse. I called my former contact at Samsung Europe and heared him out.

    He said he was aware of the issues in the SSC, but he kept trying to convince me that I should not uninstall SSC and if I already did, I should reinstall it. I told him that reinstalling SSC is A] not fixing the issue, B] is a weird suggestion by someone close to Samsung’s top notch and C] is the most worthless piece of software I’ve seen in the past 14 years I work in the computer industry.

    I hung up after wishing him well, but left the conversation with a double feeling. On one hand Samsung is aware of the solution and is willing to hear you out, on the other hand Samsung keeps suggestion to not uninstall or reinstall the software, even while they know the SSC is just a piece of crap software that nobody needs and uses up space on your harddrive ánd uses up resourced on your computer, which you could use for gaming or photoshop or whatever.

    This is a crazy burden by Samsung.
    I like Samsung, they make affordable hardware, this NP370R5E looks like a macbook (hehe) and Samsung does have a good image. It would be sad if they would not fix this issue. The last SSC update is from last month (june 24th), the update before was from November 2012 … So I hope they come to their senses and fix it for people who dón’t know what to do.

    Mr. Dryke
    Dryke Enterprises Inc. Australia & Netherlands

    • Erin O’Rourke

      Dryke, interesting to hear your experience talking with a Samsung rep. Frustrating that they are so adamant about it. Having to deal with the superfluous, worthless software generally loaded on PCs by the hardware companies on my parents’ computers has made me rather intolerant of anything they load on here. I was glad to have a reason to uninstall it, and it will remain that way.

  • Ruben

    Thank you ;)

  • David G.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!!!!!! Wow. I have been going crazy…

  • Zeynep B.

    This solution is definitely a life saver! Thanks for sharing.

  • Pheekay

    Million Thanks Erin :) I got this Samsung Series 5 laptop recently with Win 8 and I was doing the same thing what all you did. Switched to Firefox, back to Chrome, searched many forums and finally I visited your webpage. It was really frustrating to browse and I was fed up but your solution made my day. Really appreciate your help and Thanks a ton again :)

  • Mertz UK

    Hi Erin

    Can’t thank you enough for your post – this issue was completely doing my head in for weeks. My god the relief – I can feel the blood pressure dropping back to normal levels! Thanks for sharing,


  • Carni

    Google led me here. Best thing happening to me today. ^^

    Thank you!

  • Mar

    If this works, I will love you forever

  • Joe Towner

    I’ve been struggling with this issue for months with no solution, thank you so much!

  • Liz

    Oh Erin, I love you. I was having this issue on my work computer and it was driving me insane. And I am customer support for a software company… ugh! anyway, THANK YOU!!!!!!

    • Erin O’Rourke

      So glad it helped!! It’s an issue with a very obscure fix.

  • will

    BRILLIANT months of annoying refreshing and browser changing gone….

  • Lasse

    Wonderful!! Thanks for the help. Terrible by Samsung not to support their own customers in a better way..

  • Robert

    Thank you so much, Erin, for posting the solution to this problem that has been bugging me for months!

  • Rich

    God….. Thank you Erin

  • Rob

    This sounds like a good solution – but before I try it, I was just wondering: if I uninstall this support centre, will I lose anything useful? For example, it looks like it allows me to contact Samsung directly with queries etc.

    • Erin O’Rourke

      Sorry for the ridiculously delayed response!! It’s really up to you. I don’t put much stock in any of the software that comes from the computer companies, and I tend to want to blitz it all. The last time I contacted Samsung I googled. But I know that others might have a very different opinion, and so it’s probably best to evaluate it yourself. I’ve never once used any of the Samsung software that remains on my system.