Short Update

Given I haven’t been posting to the blog nearly as much as I’d like I’ll be using some of the different features that enable me to provide short updates. My general goal has been to post something once a week, but it’s been rather difficult to accomplish. In the meantime, look for shorter updates that indicate I’m generally alive! I do have a lot of different things in the works and I hope to get something out soon. At the moment I’m doing my best to recover from 3 weeks of cold/flu/food poisoning.


    Alive is good.  Thought about you when I read about the violence in Peru.

    • Erin O’Rourke

      Thanks Cynthia! Luckily I am far away from that part of the country. It’s strange, because it hardly seems to register here. Or maybe I just don’t catch that it does because 75% of the Spanish is going over my head. ;)