2/365 – Lazy Days – Book, iced coffee, sun.

Book, iced coffee, sun. What more could one need?

Seems now that I made the decision to stick to the 365 project, everything is conspiring against me. Murphy’s law, I suppose. The galleries I had set up long ago to implement future projects malfunctioned as soon as I edited them, but luckily I discovered the issue relatively quickly. I lost all the pictures on my camera card the other day but managed to recover most of them after some gnashing of teeth and much cursing… The pictures of the baby bird are intact but pretty underwhelming. Mysteriously enough, Friday’s photos of a visiting Swami to Heckscher Park remain lost. Consequently, I’m behind in posting the pictures for each day give all the issues I’ve been having!

Funny the things you can capture if you actually bring your camera everywhere… That is, if things don’t malfunction on you!!!