My life consists of trying to figure out how to get more time out of the 24 hour day. I have too many interests, with new ones all the time. I’m a feminist. I locate myself to the left in the political spectrum. I accumulate too many books (is there such a thing?) and only manage to read a small percentage. I knit, and sometimes I spin yarn. I love food, and at times I put in the effort to try and make it. I won’t be standing behind any claims that it’s edible.

I also take pictures, and I established this site originally as a showcase for my photography. I’ve tried to maintain that intention with a photo dominated layout. Much of this blog consists of my observations while working and studying during my 2010 summer in Hong Kong. I’ve lived in the Sacred Valley of Peru for the past year where I teach English, aim for Spanish fluency and chase Alpacas.

I have a Master of Arts in International Affairs (Concentration in Global Governance and Rights) from The New School and would like to enter law school in the future. My ultimate goal is to be a legal advocate for economic migrants.

All photos on this site were taken by me unless otherwise specified!

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    An interesting life….