Windows 8 Cache Corruption Issue – Samsung Support Center


From the numerous requests for support, cache corruption seems to be a pretty common issue. Only after searching for the problem and doing testing did I realize this was the issue I was having with my new computer. It’s somewhat of a relief, as it can be fixed easily, but at the same time if it keeps occurring again and again it can also be pretty hair pulling.

So, what’s cache corruption? If you go to a web site once, everything loads just fine. Go to it the second or third time and all of a sudden everything is broken – links are plain blue, everything loads straight down the page rather than in typical positions and images either fail to load or copy themselves endlessly. Cache corruption is when the files your computer saves for faster loading times become corrupted, and upon re-accessing them everything goes haywire. If you clear your cache, everything goes back to normal but at its worst I was having to clear my cache at minimum ten times a day (there is also ctrl-F5, reloading and bypassing the cache, but it still wasn’t a fix). At first it was happening with just Steam and Facebook. Then it began happening with Amazon, Paperbackswap, the Daily Beast. Sometimes gmail would hang at loading. Basically, any site you visit regularly and heavy on the CSS (i.e. super fancy and complex).

At first I thought it was a Chrome issue. Well, all right – I’ll switch to Firefox. Then the problem began on Firefox. Forgetting why I had switched to Firefox, I went back to Chrome. Realizing both browsers were having the issue I began to look past the browsers and experimented with all types of anti-virus configurations – uninstalling and reinstalling the programs I was thinking of using, turning the web shields off thinking they were flagging the CSS as a problem, going without virus protection for short periods of time to see if that helped. Scanned for malware. Made a new profile in Firefox. Considered downgrading Firefox. Reinstalled Chrome. Set cache limit to 50 mb. Set cache limit to 0 mb.

The frustrating thing is that the only solution browsers offer is to clear one’s cache and cookies. Yes, it works, if you want to do it over… and over… and over. Depending on your problem, a new profile may help for the long term. But then I found a forum thread dedicated to Samsung users during my search and wondered if my issue could be system related. Searching brought up one thread in which someone says to uninstall Samsung Support Center.

I tried it a week ago. My cache corruption problems, as well as intermittent issues such as no videos loading anywhere on the internet and Readability refusing to register changes are gone. I was lucky that I came across the information because it’s scarce and I suspect most people are not aware that it’s an issue specific to a program that comes with their system. I’m ridiculously relieved it’s been solved – I was about to bring the computer to the Geek Squad and beg for some Valium.

So, TL;DR version: If you can’t load a number of websites properly on a Samsung computer running Windows 8, try uninstalling Samsung Support Center.