Things I’m going to miss….


Skyline - my view from the dorm. Never got tired of it, nor did it ever fail to amaze in all its different manifestations.

Tonight is my last night in Hong Kong…. I know I’ll miss this place so much and will hope to come back at some point. A list of the things I’m going to miss in the meantime.

Helpers for Domestic Helpers, my amazing internship…. it was a great work experience and it definitely made the trip for me. And of course my coworkers!!!

Filipinas – I admire Filipinas so much, especially the domestic helpers. They go through so much and they’re still always so friendly and open despite that. So many of my best times in Hong Kong were thanks to Filipinas!!!

Hongkongers!!! – In the beginning I had this image of the average Hongkonger being this horrible, abusive and rude person. I was getting shoved and pushed in my everyday travels through the city and listening to domestic helpers in horrendous situations everyday. As time went on, I’m happy to say my perspective balanced out… Constantly hearing my classmate Edith talk about how wonderful she found Hongkongers to be definitely made my own numerous and positive experiences stick out in my mind – and so many times they would go well above and beyond to help out.

Urban but wild – The ability to live my life day to day in an urban environment and take a subway 10 minutes away to find jungles and temples. Walking to work everyday and viewing birds of prey soaring over the skyscrapers. The mountains that surround the city on all sides, the clouds low enough to obscure the mountaintops. It always awes me when I’m in a locale where the sky is visible for miles. I never realize how little of the sky I see where I’m from, nor can I get over that I never seem to get tired of or amazed at such a simple thing.

The crazy contrasts of the place – the above one included….

TEA STANDS!!!! – What can I say, I’m addicted to drinks…. encountering tea stands all over the city and their ridiculously large drink menu is kind of my definition of a mecca (We’re talking 10 times the size of a Starbucks menu…). Also when the lemon tea is fresh it’s the best stuff you’ll ever get – and it’s all over!!!

Admittedly I didn’t take much to the food… though there were some good things…. such as Passionfruit flavored things….. GOOD scones, and quality croissants from the grocery store….

And of COURSE, the subway system…. and all the other little smart things all over the city that are so great for efficiency….