A Man and His Radio, A Girl and Her Camera

A Man and His Radio

A Man and His Radio - Lou Lim loc Gardens, Macau

I constantly examine my pictures by “looking for the flaws” first. Rarely do I see a photo straight out of my camera that I deem stunning. It’s with trepidation that I say – the one above qualifies. (I’m sad to say that once uploaded, it doesn’t display the full range of color I’m getting on my own screen… Firefox, the bane of a photographer’s existence….)

Been running myself ragged since Thursday so I haven’t had much time for anything, including posting. I am continually blown away by the D700 and only wish I hadn’t held out so long. The classic line is that your lenses matter the most, the body not so much. I wish I had a more nuanced knowledge of this, as it was my original upgrade strategy and what I had thought was sound given my reading. I’m glad my hand was forced.

Also – just saying hi from Macau. I saw the reflections and couldn’t resist. I am indeed in one piece:

Reflection in Macau

Reflection in Macau

Erin and The Sands

Erin and The Sands - Waiting on the Ferry to go home.