Ganesh, remover of Obstacles

Ganesh, remover of Obstacles/In Shadow.

Just some words about the layout and wordpress: I think I may have settled on this for now, though I cringe to think what massive changes will need to be done if I change things up in the future…. It’s also reliant on the WordPress media module. As people might know, I’m a huge fan of WordPress and love the way the platform gets better with each release. At the same time, the media library is completely clunky and is not intuitive at all. It’s rather frustrating and I hate to be reliant on it. I’m still not too enthused with using this method, but there is still no appreciable solution despite a lot of research. Short Luddite Rant: It seems like when my pictures are large on the main page they’re fuzzy and out of focus!! Technology seems to complicate everything!


Cold Snap

Testing new possibility.